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Loxton is a relatively small town located on the south bank of the River Murray in the Riverland region of South Australia and is a service town for the surrounding districts. Loxton is often referred to as the Garden Town of the Riverina as the town has beautifully maintained gardens that have grown to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.

Those visiting Loxton will find several short term parking areas within the town including an unlimited stay at the RV Precint located on the Loxton Riverfront Holiday Park Sophie Edington Drive for $9 per person per night. A dump point is available adjacent to the holiday park and potable water can be obtained from numerous locations within town.

When visiting Loxton you will find plenty to see and do. The town is renowned for its first class attractions and nationally recognised golf course as well as a thriving business centre wine tasting and annual festivals and events.

TouristVisitor Centre

Loxton VIC Bookpurnong Terrace Loxton SA

Ph 08 8584 8071

Email requests@visitloxton.com.au


Casual Parking
Bookpurnong Rd

Short Term Parking
RV Precint at the Loxton Riverfront Holiday Park Sophie Edington Drive $9 PVPN (no max stay) Riverside Thieles Sandbar and Rilli Reserve 21 days macimum stay (in accordance with the Crown Land Management Act of 2009) Fee $0 PVPN.

Dump Point
Grant Schubert Drive adj to the Lions Picnic Park & Loxton Riverfront Holiday Park by the Murray River

Potable Water
On purchase of fuel BP Service Stn Bookpurnong Rd Schwarz Motor Repairs Bookpurnong Rd Flight Motors Bookpurnong Rd Available at the Grand Schubert Drive Dump Point.

Drabsch St Ph 08 8584 8555

Doctors Surgery
11 Anzac Cres Ph 08 8584 7321

11 Anzac Cres Ph 08 8584 7434

6 East Terrace Ph 08 8584 7525

IGA 26 East Terrace Ph 08 8584 7111 Woolworths Martha St Ph 08 8584 6151 Big River East Terrace Ph 08 8584 7255

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Loxton South Australia 5333
-34.45413 , 140.56797

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08 8584 8071