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Dirt n Dust Festival
13 Apr - 15 Apr 2018

More than 400 competitors converge on Julia Creek for the triathlon on the Saturday morning, doubling the population of the town, before spending the rest of the weekend putting their feet. After the Dirt n Dust Triathlon, the Turf Club is packed for the annual BHP Billiton Artesian Express- the race that stops a road train. It is an event closely related to the Melbourne Cup, with the ladies frocked up for fashions on the field and the horses hammering around the track- except this race has spectators in their finest akubras, and the dust of the track makes for a much more impressive show than the manicured grass of Flemington as it billows out from behind the flying fillies.

Dirt n Dust Central is the place to be from sunset onward - with showstopping live music, before the Dirt n Dust Bull ride gets underway. It is a Bull ride like no other, for only Australia’s gutsiest riders and biggest, toughest bulls. There are no time outs, no towels to throw in - once they’re on the back of the steed, there’s nothing to do but try and hold on for eight bone - shaking, desperate seconds. This is only the start of the night, with live music and family entertainment continued on afterwards.

Winding down on Sunday morning is easy, as Julia Creek puts on a beautiful outback breakfast and hosts novelty events where, contrary to the Triathlon, competitors require a tough stomach rather than a tough spirit to get through events like cow pat throwing, fly swatting, and the infamous bog snorkelling.

Add athletes, triathlon spectators, Race Day punters and Bullride enthusiasts into the mix and you have over 4,000 people in the town of 400. With equal parts city slickers and country folk, from neighbouring towns and cities further afield taking part, the Dirt n Dust Festival really is an event like no other.

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