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Kambalda is located 616 kilometres east of Perth and is split between two townsites four kilometres apart Kimbalda West and Kimbalda East. The town is situated on the edge of the giant salt lake Lake Lefroy a 40 kilometre salt pan that is rarely filled with water. Kambalda was founded in 1897 during the gold boom but was completely deserted by 1908. The town was later revived in the 1960s with the construction of Australias first nickel mine for which the town is now known.

Kambalda has a well-established service centre with modern facilities and extended shopping hours. Free parking for up to 24 hours is available on Barnes Drive Kambalda West. A dump point potable water and bins are provided and pets on a lead are permitted.

Visitors can experience panoramic views of Lake Lefroy or enjoy the local flora and fauna on the Red Hill Walking Trail to the lookout.

TouristVisitor Centre

Kambalda Community Resource Centre
Silver Gimlet & Salmon Gum Road
Kambalda WA 6442
P 08 9080 2111
www.coolgardie.wa.gov.au httpwww.coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Casual Parking
Salmon Gum Rd Kambalda West

Short Term Parking
Barnes Dr Kambalda West (24hr) bins water pets on lead nil cost

Dump Point
Barnes Dr Kambalda West

Potable Water
Barnes Dr Kambalda West (near dump point)

Nearest Hospital is Kalgoorlie 1hr away. Kambalda has air & road emergency evac procedures in place 24hrs.

Doctors Surgery
Kambalda Family Practice Gumnut Pl Kambalda ph 08 9027 0029

Kambalda West Pharmacy Salmon Gum Rd Kambalda ph 08 9027 1570

Woolworths Bluebush Rd Kambalda ph 08 9027 1406

Location Images

Kambalda Western Australia 6442
-31.209506, 121.621656

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08 9080 2111